CONGENITAL PTOSIS (droopy eyelid)

Children may be born with a congenital droopiness of one or both eyelids.  The medical term for this condition is congenital ptosis (pronounced "tosis").  This results from abnormal formation of the eyelid muscle.

Congenital ptosis, especially when only one eyelid is affected, may result in amblyopia or lazy vision in the affected eye.  This may result from blockage of the vision pathway and/or may be related to induced blurring of the vision from excessive astigmatism compared with the other eye.  Treatment of ptosis may include observation, glasses, patching of the dominant eye and/or surgery to lift the eyelid to a more normal position.

If a ptosis onsets at an older age, special neurologic testing may be needed. Special testing may also be indicated if the ptosis is associated with unequal pupils or strabismus, a misalignment of the eyes.