Children are especially prone to eye injuries.  It is important to eliminate potentially dangerous situations at home and school to guard against eye injuries.  Cleaning and laundry chemicals should always be kept out of reach of young children.  Toys that are sharp are especially dangerous.  Pencils, darts, knifes and scissors can cause severe eye injuries.  Keep children well away when a lawnmower is being used,l as stones or debris thrown from the lawnmower blades can result in severe eye injuries.  Paint balls, pellet guns, BB guns and fireworks may result in blinding eye injuries. 

Sports activities also are a common cause for eye injuries.  Protective eye wear is recommended during high risk sports and other hazardous activities.  Our OPTICIAN is available to discuss sports eye protection for your child.  The best protective eyewear is a sports frame with polycarbonate lenses.  This is especially important if your child has only one "good" eye.  Contact lenses do not provide protection against injuries.

If a chemical injury occurs, immediate irrigation of the affected eye or eyes is indicated.  Minor eye injuries are frequently managed by the child's primary care provider.  Serious eye injuries require an examination by an eye doctor.  Children with multiple injuries, including possible serious head injuries, should seek initial care at an emergency room.