AMBLYOPIA (lazy vision)

Child patching for treatment of amblyopia.

Amblyopia or "lazy vision" is an abnormal vision condition that results from lack of use of an eye during early childhood causing the brain to favor the dominant eye.  If not detected and treated at a young age, a permanent loss of vision may result in the affected eye. 

Amblyopia is commonly associated with strabismus (eye misalignment).  This also may occur if one eye is much more out of focus than the other eye.  This form of strabismus is often not suspected until detected on a vision screening or routine eye exam.

Treatment for amblyopia may include glasses, patching of the dominant eye or blurring of the vision in the dominant eye with a dilating eye drop.  Children with amblyopia require ongoing eye care until 8 to 9 years of age.  Treatment for amblyopia is less effective beyond this age.