The physicians at Children's Eye Clinic, PC are experienced in fitting children with contact lenses.  While contact lenses may be medically indicated in very young children with special eye conditions, we generally feel most children should be at least 10 to 11 years of age before undertaking contact lens wear.

Fitting contact lenses for the first time is a process.  New contact lens wearers must undergo proper contact lens fit assessment.  We also train them in contact lens insertion, contact lens removal and proper contact lens care techniques.  The contact lens fitting and training session require separate visits and cannot be done the same day as your child's office visit.  The child must then adapt to the lenses and have one or more followup assessments to assure proper fit of the contact lenses before a contact lens prescription can be written and released.

If you would like to purchase contact lenses through our clinic, we are able to provide or order most types of contact lenses for your child.  You also will be given a copy of your child's contact lens prescription after the initial fitting process and at the time of your child's subsequent regular eye examinations.